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The free, as in freedom of speech, laptop project

The free software movement works for social justice and freedom of society.

Being excluded by several if not most of the ecological projects because of the use of non free JavaScript or non free forms, we decided that preparing a laptop with the same characteristic of the ones certified by the FSF would be a great way to show activist the importance of freedom also in software, not forgetting the ecological part of free software, that has no planned obsolescence.

The first laptop that is been configured, it will be shipped as soon as we have the way to be sure the activist will get it.

To contact Free Software 4 Future on this matter, you can use the information on the "About" page. Encrypted is preferred, a non encrypted email has the security protection of a postcard. Postcard that is photocopied by every person that touch it and analyzed by a tireless army.

A guide to encryption with GnuPG:

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